so a few things:

firstly there is no singular protagonist. this story will be told from multiple POVs so some parts will seemingly overlap, skip, or even seem unimportant. i the writer am here to say that every POV has a meaning even if it is only used once or if it seems unrelated to the main story.

secondly dont be to judgmental until you are a few chapters in, what i put in the description will all be present in the story, it just wont be forced i want the tags to flow with the story not dictate it

thirdly there will be two types of thoughts in this story open thoughts, which will appear next chapter, are basically thought projections either to an individual or group. closed thoughts however are just what they sound like they are thoughts that go unvoiced and are shielded either consciously or unconsciously by all beings, and it takes great power or skill for a being to glimpse the closed thought of even a lowly rat. these thoughts will be represented with (open) [closed] respectively. keep this in mind as you read as it is a factor of the plot. {it also gets confusing as all fuck without keeping track of this…}

fourthly dont forget to rate, review, comment, and follow your opinions matter to me no matter how small they may seem.

chapters one-three will be released later today.

P.s: looking for a good editor/editors who knows how to keep secrets and spoilers to him/herself and has a good imagination for future character creation.

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