Lore And History…

Lore And History…
In the beginning, every race lived together in every realm. However, this was no utopia. There was war, death, and famine. The strong slew the weak, and those with power were the only ones who were safe.

This was a chaotic time, and none were free of guilt. But here the truth goes astray, the mortals: humans, drakes, devils, and many others, have many ideas of what came to pass during this time. Some say it was the work of the gods, others a random accident, and yet some believe it to be caused by some other higher power. But the immortals: dragons, firstborn, angels, and demons accepted that this knowledge was beyond all things. The elementals, those who were neither mortal nor immortal, but something in-between, were content to let this event unfold around them.

The Fae, Pure-ones, and Guardians, were the only mortal-known elementals to survive this event.

All the realms separated, and many realms were lost in space and time…

The mortals gained abilities with magic and tools, hoping to rival those of the immortals and elementals.

The angels ascended to an unknown high plane.

The firstborn went to be with their races.

The dragons were left to claim one of the original realms, and with the help of their drake brethren, and a small portion of loyal humans, they did.

The dragons felt grateful for the help of the drakes and humans, so they allowed them into their new kingdom. It was not a perfect union, for the drakes were happy to have the dragons rule, but after many decades humans wanted to be ruled by one who was more like their own kind. So the firstborn dragon gave her subjects a power, all dragons will have the ability to shift into humans.

This was not taken well, and lead to war.

In the end, nine dragons lead their people to peace. Wielding the powers of the nine base aspects: Void, Light, Darkness, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Electricity, and nature with great mastery and force the nine dragons defeated those human servants that chose to rebel. The nine quelled the rebellion and ended the war, and for that the firstborn dragon gave them a great gift, she made them the rulers of their race, and the leaders of their clans. She made them dragon lords. Those nine dragons were the first to shift, and their first decree was to cast those humans that did not wish to stay from their realm leaving only the loyal.

On that day all rejoiced.

Many peaceful years passed by, but one day in an act of true evil, demons killed the nine. Death was a new concept for dragons, for when a dragon dies it is reborn stronger, though it could take several centuries. The only way a dragon could truly die was if it was killed, purposely, by another dragon or something of equal power. But on that day all learned that though the dragon lords were blessed with great power, they were far from invincible.

That day dragons and demons became the greatest enemies to ever exist.

The nine’s offspring gained the power, blessings, and titles of dragon lords. And so the cycle continued.

All races grew, and many made their own kingdoms in their new realms. They raised their own leaders, and forged their own wars.

One day the firstborn brought all of the races to an empty realm. An Eden.  That day all races met in peace, and an angel descended with many stone slabs. That day a prophecy about all races was revealed, it was a day of change.

The angel gave a slab to the firstborn of every race and said to all gathered there the prophecy.

There will be war.
There will be death.
And all races will suffer.
But there is hope.
In time one will be born.
It will be revealed by the stone.
It will Struggle.
It will die.
Its fate will be to decide,
The fate of all things.
For eternal pain,
Or great glory.
The destruction of all.
Or the creation of something new.
All things will be changed.
Though its choice will be its alone,
Others will influence it.
All this is certain.
All this will come to pass.
You all have been warned.
Live with grace.
And beware temptation.

The angel disappeared, and all was silent. All of the races left to go back to their own kingdoms.

From that day on all dragons were brought before the slab at birth. And the dragon lords looked to each other with more than love, and camaraderie. They looked with suspicion, and fear.

Then a disaster struck; Dezil-bane, a great monstrosity: a hybrid of dragon and demon, attacked all races inhabiting the dragon’s realm. No one knew where, or how she got such a large force to follow her, but with it she caused great pain to all the realm.

The firstborn lead her people to safety, using her immense power she opened gateways to different realms giving safe refuge for her people. She provided leadership, order in her people’s time of need.

Yet the firstborn could not bring herself to fight this evil, how could she when it was one of her own people who brought about this despair. The firstborn dragon sought aid from the other firstborn, they agreed to aid her and pooled their considerable power together to make an entirely new realm. Then with the help of the strongest heroes of their combined races, they sealed Dezil and her armies in this realm that is now known as the realm of damned souls.

Yet again all was well. The races praised their firstborn, and loved them all the more. And then the firstborn were gone…

That was many thousands of years ago, and though the races scattered and many forgot things of great importance, some remembered.

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