Chapter 7: The Past That Haunts You… Griever

Chapter 7: The Past That Haunts You…                     Griever

Griever couldn’t look away. All he could do was watch as his life as he knew it came to an end right before his eyes.

After being beaten all day he could only feel dread as night came. With the coming of night the beatings stop. When night descends what they called the ‘SHOW’ began.

Tied to a post with their horses Griever was forced to watch night after night as the knights tortured and raped his mother and sister. He was not even allowed to look away as one of the knights always came to force open his eyes.

Eventually the short one who held his eyes open, Duran was his name, Griever recalled, grew tired of his task.

His solution was to remove Grievers eyelids.

[After all of my screaming ended that method worked remarkably well] Griever reflected. [I can honestly say that I no longer have anything left I care about that they can take from me…]

Griever thought back to when this hell of his began.
They came to the cottage while he went to the well to fetch the family’s water for the day.

Griever’s father was the first to die. He tried to reason with them, he told them he didn’t know what they were asking for. He told them that they were simple people who held no problems with the kingdom.

The knights only laughed, then they beheaded him where he stood. He did not even have time to scream. His death was silent and quick, the expression of shock still on his face

Griever could only watch from the small hill separating his home from the family well. He could only watch as his father’s head fell to the ground, only watch as his father’s body followed the head. He started running when the knights entered the cottage. Griever dropped the pale and all the water in it as he ran faster than he ever had before in his 15 years of life.

[if I could just reach them I could stop them! I could avenge father! I could save mother and sister!]

As Griever was halfway to his home he heard the screams, his mother and sister were dragged out of his home bound in rope as they struggled.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Griever shouted as he tackled the knight closest to him with the full force his moving body was capable of. He grappled for the knight’s sword on the ground while ignoring the many blows that were raining down on his body. Just as he seized the weapon Griever’s vision went dark and the world faded away.

[No I can still save them! I CAN STILL SAVE THEM!!!] These were Grievers last thoughts before the blackness claimed him.
When Griever next awoke he was in a dark place that was shaking, he couldn’t move, and his body was in more pain than when he fall from a tree as a child and broke his arm. The longer he was awake the more clear his surroundings became and he remembered what happened in front of his family’s home.

Trying to move Griever noticed that his arms and legs were bound tightly in course rope. He soon released he could do nothing more than wait for someone to come for him, but even as he waited he refused to accept his situation, Griever listened intently to anything and everything around him. As he did he heard many things the sounds of horses, the chatter that accompanies any group while traveling, and the thing that struck him right in his heart. Griever could faintly hear two women crying quietly.

[They’ll die for this… when brother finds out what these monsters has done he will hunt them down without rest] Griever thought viciously. [But first we have to get out of this alive, then we can go to Blankforge to meet with brother. He’ll know what to do, he HAS to. Until then I just have to stay strong…]

That night a knight pulled the tarp back on the cart Griever had been riding in, Griever did everything he could to fight back, he thrashed and bit at the knight. But to the armored man he was nothing more than an annoyance.

The knight pummeled him until Griever stopped moving and said “Relax kid the boys and I got bored on the road so we decided to put on a little show. We thought you would like to see it, so being the noble knights we are we decided to share it with you kid, that’s all.”

As the knight carried him to their camp Griever began to hear all new noises, noises he soon realized were the screams of the remains of his family. As he and the knight approached the light of the camp fire Griever discovered hell.

His sister was forced on her back with a knight holding her arms above her head as another knight thrust into her violently. Periodically the knight would strike his sister on her face, her breasts, her stomach, and any other place he so fancied, all the while he laughed as she screamed and begged. Griever’s mother was on her hands and knees as knights kneeled in front and behind her, gaging and choking on the manhood violently thrusting into her mouth as another entered her from behind. Her eyes streamed tears at the horror that she and her family faced.

Griever could only watch horrorstruck as the knights violated his family, he said nothing, thought nothing, it was as if he was not even inside his body. He didn’t notice as the knight carrying him tied him to the tree they tethered the horses to, then went to join his brothers-in-arms destroying Grievers family and innocence at the same time.

When morning finally came Griever merely stared blankly forward, his mind reliving and haunting him with the things he saw that night.

The days wore on during the day Griever was beaten until he lost consciousness, then when night fell the ‘SHOW’ would begin anew, but each time with a sick new twist. Some nights the knights would remove body parts and cauterize the wound. They started with small things at first: fingers and toes, later hands and feet, lastly they took a limb from one of his family each night. They forced him to pick which women and what limb, the first night he refused they took both of his mother’s arms, that was the night they removed Grievers eyelids.

That was the night Griever gave up all his thoughts of getting away.
His mother died on the twelfth night of their journey, the knights set her corpse on fire and had Griever watch as it burned.

His sister died 3 days after that, but this time they kept the body and the ‘SHOW’ took a new twisted turn. Griever cried the first time they defiled his sister’s corpse, it was not the first he had done so during a ‘SHOW’ but he swore it would be the last.

[They may kill me but they won’t see me cry not again. NEVER again…] he thought as Grievers own personal hell continued.
“Hey kid say something would ya’ you haven’t talked to us in days” the short knight said. “c’mon even your bitch of a sister is making more noise than you and she’s nothing but a corpse!”

Griever said nothing, he was numb, totally numb. The only reason he knew he was alive and not in some horrible and twisted underworld was that he knew the knights wouldn’t let him die. They told him as much. They said they only came out here to find him and bring him alive before Commander Garett Floster first of his name. His brother Garett Floster. They said that they were given permission to do whatever they pleased with the rest of the family. They said he should be honored that the noble Commander wanted him alive at all.

That was when Griever became numb. That was when what was left of the boy inside Griever died. That was when Griever discovered the truth… all this… his whole life was nothing but a sick joke with no meaning or purpose. That was three days ago.

Now Griever and the monsters that called themselves knights of the kingdom, could see the city of Blankforge above the trees of the forest where they currently walked. The cart and horses were left at a resting house a day ago so the group was forced to move through the forest on foot.

That night during the ‘SHOW’ was when Griever meet him, his savior. The one who lifted him out from his living hell and gave him a new purpose. The one he aspired to be like.

“That’s rather disturbing… Is it normal for humans of this realm to mate with the dead?” asked the tall black haired armored boy.

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