Chapter 4: A Helping Hand… Mira

Chapter 4: A Helping Hand…           Mira

“LEAVE MY COURT NOW!” Tryion roared, “I have just lost my ONLY SON! And a DRAGON LORD was responsible…”

The hall was silent, none of the nobles, clan leaders, or even the twelve dragon lords dared to speak. Mira Blackwing watched as her father leered from his throne at the dragon lords. She had never felt so afraid, of her father, of the lords, one of whom was responsible for her brother’s disappearance, and of what was to come.

Mira was a slight girl who appeared to be of age thirteen, she was shorter than average, but had many of the other Blackwing traits: long dark hair, pale skin, silver eyes, and an athletic build. And like most Blackwings she was a gifted wielder of darkness.

Mira also had an intellect that would shame many scholars from any race.

“To my friends, I apologize, but you must leave until the true culprit is… dealt with…” Tryion’s voice trailed off.

Many of the dragon lords bowed their heads in respect, and vanished in columns of pure energy. Only two remained, Tobious and Ra’al, the sixth and seventh dragon lords. Tobious wore a red eye patch over his left eye, and heavy, red, plate armor. Ra’al wore orange monk robes, and a hood hiding his sharp hawk like features.

The two glanced at each other, surprised that either did not leave with the other lords. “Ra’al… leave us…” Tryion spoke softly. The seventh dragon lord bowed his head, faded into sand, and blew away.

Clan lord Tryion…” Tobious said with a smirk.

Tryion looked around the room “leave us…” The room emptied faster than Mira could track, by both mundane and magical means. One moment the hall was full, the next she was alone with her father and Tobious.

“that includes you, Mira” Tryion said kindly.

Mira fumed inside,  

“Yes father” she mumbled. She summoned her power and let it surround her, she guided her power to her room. Mira left the hall…

“I can’t do this Madeline!” Mira said. She was pacing in her main bedchamber while Madeline watched from the doorframe, Madeline’s eyes were pink and puffy from crying, but her grief did not show in any other form.

“Mira… I know you miss Ash too but-”

Miss him! MISS him! Ash was the last family I had!” Mira shouted, [and if he’s gone I am alone…]

You still have your father-“

Mira laughed cruelly, “Is this the same ‘father’ that showed no emotion at the death of his first mate, that forced our second mother out of our lives after my birth? The same ‘father’ who ignored us unless weearned his attention? I have no father.”


“NO! No. I’m sorry Maddie, I guess I’m just… moons above I wish he was here…” Mira stopped pacing and sat heavily on her bed. “I may never see him again…” [don’t cry Mira, you’re a powerful dragoness… and I can’t do this. This isn’t an enemy for me to overcome, I… I lost my brother today… Ash…]

“Mira, please don’t cry. Mira come here.” Maddie sat down next to Mira and held her as she sobbed. “Shh, shh Mira, it’ll be alright. He is alive I promise, we will find him that I SWEAR.”

[By the moons, I’ve broken down completely. And in front of one of the few people whose opinion actually means something to me. I wish you were here big bro… you’d know what to do…]

Mira knew she was sleeping, and she also knew that this was no ordinary dream. “Who are you? What do you want?”

(Do not fear child, I am… family… and I want to…  help…  two of my family. You and Ash… are my only family now. I’d like to show you something, will you let me?)

Mira knew the voice did not lie, perhaps could not lie, even if she was unsure how she knew this. Even still she wasn’t the trusting type. All she knew was the voice sounded female, was family, and wanted to help her and Aaron. “What would you show me?”

(My mistakes, my life, and the truths that were hidden from both you and your brother since your births…)

“Then you may. I have lowered my mental defenses.”

(Then watch young-one watch and know the truth…)

A tall and beautiful woman walked through a dark hallway. She had the Blackwing traits, and exuded power. She walked with purpose and poise, her black robes flowing like smoke.

“Orraus!” the woman ran towards a man in heavy plate scale armor. “Orraus! Brother!” She jumped into an embrace with him.

“Ha ha, hello to you too dear sister.” Orraus laughed, “It’s been too long since we last met.” Suddenly his face grew solemn, “Dezil, the other dragon lords want me to stop protecting you… they’ve even prepared to go to war with my clans.” Orraus looked away, “I know you have gathered an immense army, so do the dragon lords-”

Dezil pulled away in shock, “Orraus… I meant to tell you but… you have obligations to your clans. I didn’t want to bring you into any of this. And I don’t think I could handle it if we were to become enemies because of this…” She looked at Orraus and her eyes watered, close to tears. “Please don’t be mad… forgive me!”

Orraus sighed, “Dezil… I always knew… hell I helped with some of your recruitment! I can’t help you directly, but they will never turn me against you! In fact I have forbid the other dragon lords entrance to my territories.”

Dezil hugged her brother even tighter than before, “You are the best brother I could have hoped for!”

Orraus laughed and hugged her back…
Mira gasped, the vision was so clear it had felt real to her… “You’re Dezil… the first and only dragon-demon hybrid! The greatest villain of the blue age!”

(Yes I am Dezil…  But I am no villain! I hate demons as much as any dragon! My mother was RAPED by the demon who sired me! That was my only crime, EXISTING! Just like your brother…)

“Wait! What do you mean? Ash is pure-”

(Watch… You will learn…)

Many weeks passed, and Mira saw them all as if she were living the visions.

“Dezil… I have had a vision…” Orraus sighed heavily, “of the future-”

Dezil gasped, the future-sight was a dangerous gift, to see the utterly certain truth of what will happen is a burden beyond comprehension.

“You will lose the upcoming war. And the dragon lords will see you sealed  away-”

“But what of you?” Dezil asked teary eyed, “what becomes of you?”

Orraus only looked away. “I won’t be around… But there’s more! There will come a day when the prophecy IS fulfilled, and I Believe it will revolve around our family… And you will play a part in it.  Remember the prophecy: There will be war. There will be death. And all races will suffer. But there is hope. In time one will be born. It will be revealed by the stone. It will Struggle. It will die. Its fate will be to decide,The fate of all things. For eternal pain, Or great glory. The destruction of all. Or the creation of something new. All things will be changed. Though its choice will be its alone, Others will influence it. All this is certain. All this will come to pass. You all have been warned. Live with grace. And beware temptation

“Orraus… I… I don’t understand.” Dezil said tears streaming down her face.
“I know De, I know… But this is important, in my vision I see a boy, he is young, strong, and talented but it won’t be enough, his name will be Ash and I believe he is who the prophesy speaks of…”
Mira bolted upright in her bed. Her mind reeled. “Ash… Ash is prophesied to die…?”

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