Chapter 3: Dreams Are Strange Things… Trish

Chapter 3: Dreams Are Strange Things…                Trish

The Scythe cut deeply into the red dragon’s eye. Ash had won, all that was left was to push the weapon in deeper, and kill this beast.

The red dragon screamed in pain, and she saw Ash do something he had never done before, he hesitated. The dragon clawed at its ruined left eye, and Ash did nothing, it was as if he could not cope with harming another dragon.

She wanted to scream at him, force him to move, to fight. She could not bear it if this was where Ash died, but then she heard it. There was a faint chanting from below. Ash’s expression changed, he started to fall, and looked as if all the life and energy had been drained out of him.
Her perspective changed, she saw Shade searching the area below. Shade picked her head up just in time to see Ash fall, but Ash did not crash into the black stone of the grove. He passed through it as if it were a pool of water.

Shade raced through the tree tops and lunged after her friend.

Her perspective changed again, and she saw a brown haired girl. It took her some time before she realized that the girl was Madeline, a friend of Ash’s she recalled.

Madeline was looking at a group of multiple colored cloaked figures in a circle around the grove. Madeline could tell they were chanting, but she could not understand what was being said. Then she saw Ash fall through the grove. Madeline gasped and had to cover her mouth to stop a scream, she just saw her best friend fall out of their world.

Not a moment later, a smaller black creature followed in Ash’s wake. “Shade” Madeline murmured. “Goodbye Ash, I promise I will find you.” Madeline turned and ran towards Darkwing palace; she had to make sure no one knew she saw the council of Nine had banished her lord.

“Even his own father… Ash.” Tears clouded Madeline’s vision as she ran…
Trish woke with a start. Her vision was still fresh in her mind, she had just seen Ash, the first person in her visions that she could both hear and see as if he were right in the room with her, die.

[No, not dead.] She thought, [Just wounded, and in a different place.] Trish gained hope from that thought and got out of bed.

Others never understood why Trish felt so strongly about the boy from her visions. True many of the more gifted shamans and priestesses of the village would favor some of the people in their visions more than others, but Trish always felt close to Ash, even if they have never met. She had had visions of him in her dreams ever since she was young, so in a way, she thought, they grew up together. In fact Trish considered Ash as one of her closest friends, and always dreamed of meeting him someday.

[But now he’s hurt, and I don’t even know where he could’ve gone.] Trish gave a tired sigh, all of this would have to wait, she had to start the days training.
Trish was training to be a seer and a high priestess, she had the gift of true sight and the powers of a great shaman; this had been expected of her since she was born. That was just one of the reasons that she hated it.

Trish had the ability needed, she could fight as well as any in the village, and mother Aser, her mentor and current high priestess, said her visions were clearer than most, with more control she would soon be better than her master, but Trish still wanted nothing to do with the life chosen for her.

Trish walked into the high temple, all the while hating what she was doing. Her white priestess robes were the complete wrong color for her, it clashed horribly with her green eyes and long red hair. It also highlighted how much shorter she was compared to the rest of the priestesses, even though she was of average height the long robes always trailed behind her whereas it fit the others perfectly. This and other thoughts plagued Trish’s mind as she searched to find mother Aser.

She entered the room of spirits, a drab and dreary room with no furniture other than rugs, to find mother Aser already immersed in a vision of her own. Trish knew better than to disturb her, so she knelt on the rug to Aser’s left. After some time Aser spoke.

Aser was an old woman with care lines and serious eyes. Her frame was slight and tall, and her baring was strong in spite of her age. She looked to be in her late seventies, in realilty she was one hundred and twelve.

“You are troubled.” It wasn’t a question, and Aser could always tell when Trish lied. “Yes mother, I… I had a vision,” Trish said, “it was of the dragon Ash-”

“yes, another saw his demise as well.” Aser interrupted, “but remember child, he was not one of us, he was not even human. We all know of your… fascination with him, but you must remember you did not know him.”

“But” Trish tried.

“NO! You knew him no better then you know of a story hero. You may feel sadness at his death but you have no right to mourn.”

“HE’S NOT DEAD!” Trish shouted. “I-I… I mean he has not perished, mother. I have seen him, and those around him, he is not dead. Only wounded” Aser shook her head, “very well child, very well.”

Trish was subdued for the whole day after that. [I want to believe Ash is alive but… NO! I won’t think like that, he IS alive, and Shade is with him! Shade won’t let anything happen to him… right?]

Trish walked into her home at about half past the ninth hour. It was dark inside and there was an air of emptiness around it. Trish’s home was sparsely furnished, with only a round dining table, two stools, a stove, and the things in her room: her bed, reading table and stool, a small night-table, and a dresser.

Trish opened the cabinet above the stove and grabbed a bowl of oats. “Guess its oats and cereal again…” Trish sighed, “I really need to resupply my… everything now that I think about…”

After her meal Trish looked out the one window in her house, the one in her bedroom. It was a beautiful night, the three moons were all full, and the stars were bright and plentiful.

“Where are you Ash…” Trish sighed and watched the night unfold.

(Trish… you must seek what is lost…)

“who-” Trish started.

(The third needs you… he is not ready to fulfill his destiny… he has been stripped of his powers… and he is alone… seek what is lost…)

“Are you speaking of Ash?” Trish asked. “Please, tell me!”

(Seek what is lost…)

Suddenly Trish saw images, places, people, and creatures flooded all her senses. It seemed to go on forever, but it ended just as soon as it started and Trish could recall less then a third of what she saw.

(Seek what is lost…)

Trish bolted upright in her bed. She could tell that the voice was female, but that was all. It definitely wasn’t the voice of anyone she knew.

“He’s northeast…”

Trish almost leaped out of her bed. [That came from inside my HOUSE!]

“He is still northeast…” Trish said this without even thinking.

[wait it’s… me. WAIT I can feel someone, a boy. Ash? YES Ash it’s him! And I KNOW where he IS! weeeeeeellllllllllll kinda… I have a general direction at least!]

Trish shot out of bed. “I know where he is!” she shouted. “Oh, there’s so much I need to pack. And I NEED to hurry!” [Thell with training! Look out world Trishta Genlevas is coming! And I plan to leave a mark!]

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