AD-POCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!….. And new Chapter pacing

sooooooooo the site has Ads now…  everyone run for your lives!!!…. but no, really these Ads are just another way to help finance the site, and there non-intrusive to boot. so you know… look at them, ignore them, click on them if they interest you (or… you want to help the site without actually donating… this way you give $.00001 for every click) other wise ignore them and read on.

if you came here from royal road and read my posts there you probably remember my promised Mira chapter…. Well…. About that….. it is going up no question, but it will probably take a lot longer than the others, but i promise it will be posted before Wednesday! after that the pace will probably slow down as i handle some school stuff… midterms are gonna suck… *sigh* while I do that I’ll start writing stuff for F.F.G.E since it is much shorter and easier to write and post than the POV chapters. either way you guys still get 1 POV chapter a week, but that is all I can promise. there may end up being more, especially if i see some comments or reviews that make me motivated to write more, but this week took a lot outta my tank.

that’s all i got for today people!

Author out!

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