About Ash, The Dragon Race, And Stuff In General…… An Informational Post

ok i know some of you have read these few chapters and been like “wow Ash can be kinda dumb sometimes…” well to a point your right, he like all people can have moments of stupidity, but for many issues he has had so far it how he has acted has been based on ignorance not stupidity. Ash was a noble and was raised as such, which means he didn’t get out much. he has plenty of intelligence, it just applys to things he has been exposed to. for example: betrayal of close family and government he’s fine he accepts it and moves on to how to get revenge. there was no surprise there, no hesitation because for the character this is a situation that he would be familiar with and prepared for as a high noble of his race. how to act around peasant mortals when any one with skill now has a decent chance of killing you is not something a immortal noble dragon lord (in-training for most of his life) would realistically prepare for so…. yeah Ash my do Weird shit sometimes… accept that and move on.

so dragons… in my story if you read the first post with the dragon lore and history in it you now a bit about there past… at least what was recorded as their past… just assume most dragons learn all that stuff from a teacher or guardian and we can move on.

dragons are inherently selfish, even the best of their kind would have no problem killing any and all in the way of their desires. speaking of desires dragons pursue them. period. either the dragon gets what it wants or it dies trying there is no middleground. even if they seem to give up they didn’t they’re just immortal so they have all the time they need to plan or plot. remember that it comes into play many times in the story. dragons are usually ruled by their pride, avarice, and lust in that order. dragons in general only respect power and bloodline but thats not all dragons just the majority. dragons like most immortal beings can directly manipulate aspects, as such they usually look down on magic and those that practice it, but they still use runes as runes are seen as an accent to power not a means. and lastly the dragon view on family, and all immortal’s view on family in general is pretty strange. incest and all different types of   -cides (i.e: matricide, patricide, fratricide you get the point…) are more common then not and are seen as accepted almost expected.

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